Month: March 2013

An exclusive MIMP interview with Andrew W.K. and Cherie Lily. – “I’ve always said that real men enjoy the smell of vagina. Thankfully Andrew W.K. passes the test and my girl boner is still intact.” – The Bowie Cat

I spent an afternoon with Andrew W.K. and his lovely wife Cherie for Me In My Place. Read the delightfully dirty feature here.



Our fascination with superheroes grows out of the desire for an alter ego, a Superman to our everyday Clark Kent. Most of us fall into characters of our own creation quite often. Through our art, flirtation—even our social networking pages—we present amplified versions of our true selves. French electronic artist Vincent Belorgey, known to the world as Kavinsky, has made a career through his alter ego. The legend of Kavinsky goes something like this: After crashing his Ferrari Testarossa, Vincent’s real life car of choice, he dies and reappears as a zombie to create electronic music. “Nightcall,” the song that launched Kavinsky to fame largely through the Drive soundtrack, is about the zombie going to see his old girlfriend to let her know he has changed. But, the story goes, she has already moved on

Read the interview here at VICE.

Me In My Place – Get ready for She’s Ryan bitches…

Because this chick wants it so bad she’s going to be the next fucking Oprah.

Me In My Place is expanding to include features on artists, and I’ve been lucky enough to be a part of that project.

“I wear shorts and a tube top every single day. Who cares? I’m not a ho, I’m not a prostitute. Who says I got to be a ho because I don’t got a turtle neck on? I walk down the street confident and bold and I don’t get harassed. I don’t like to wear pants so I wear shorts, and if you try anything I will fucking roundhouse you. Own it. Own your style and individuality”

Own it she does. Ryan admits her insistence on living in shorts presents a problem for attending weddings and funerals, but you get the feeling that even at such an event no one would give her a hard time.

Read my entire feature on She’s Ryan here. All photos by Michael Edwards.