On Sexuality and Being Taken Seriously

I’m not an expert on feminist theory and will never pretend to be. The degrees I hold are in journalism and political science. My stance on women’s rights is as simple as this: Chicks should be able to do whatever the fuck they want. Even in that sentence, I’ve already used a word, “chick” that may seem derogatory to some, but I like the word. It’s not as fun as “chick-a-dee” but it’s still fun to me so I use it. If the term “chick” bothers you just don’t type it. There you go, that is SST’s feminist theory in one paragraph.

I’m not naive. I’ve taken off clothes for a photographer but also never worn blinders. I know images of me in my underwear, or graphic sexual writing caused acquaintances to gossip and call me names, and family members to hang their heads, potential employers to doubt my credibility. I’m very thankful to have found my way into a forward thinking circle. As with the word chick, if writing about sex graphically and publicly offends you don’t do it. Keep it for your secret text messages. Ditto to the nakey photos. Keep them to cell phone selfies. The truth is 97% of us have some naked photos and filthy words somewhere. As a writer with my personality and a small internet presence it would only make sense that I put mine out there while you keep yours private. You do your thing, I’ll do mine. I won’t judge if you don’t. I was never pressured into any photo shoots or sex writing. I chose to do them and I throughly enjoyed the opportunity to express myself.

Now regarding how my Googable sexuality relates to my professionalism. I have a butt. It’s small but it’s there. If you do enough stalking you can find a photo of it somewhere, along with a past post about butt sex if you like. A few feet above that butt I also have a brain, that while yes, thinks about sex, also thinks a lot about current affairs. My brain also thinks a lot about death. It thinks a lot about injustice, and wonders why we have a black President but about one in three black men can expect to go to jail at some point in their lives. It wonders why we are capable of a female Secretary of State but women still make roughly 20% less than men in America.

To further question by credibility I’ll quote OMC’s “How Bizarre.” I’m making moves and starting grooves. In many ways I got my start writing erotica, but now I get to write about sobriety, death, even my god damn cats. I’m working on an array of documentaries on everything from music to technology to rape to poaching. There’s a method to the madness. While I am still a young little thing with lots to learn and much progress to make both in my professional and personal life, I without a doubt would not have accomplished all I have if I hadn’t stayed true to myself, and for me, being true to myself means being open about my sexuality.

You just gotta do you.


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