October 20, 2020: Virtually join me on a sex and cannabis webinar featuring other canna-celebs such as Shonitria Anthony (Founder, Blunt Blowin Mama), Kiana Reeves (Chief Education Officer, Foria Wellness), Jay Jackson aka Laganja Estranja (TV Personality, Female Illusionist & Choreographer, star of RuPaul’s Drag Race) and moderated by Laura Hamilton (Founder, Women, Sex and Cannabis).

webinar-ig-final-oct20-v2 (1)

Cannabis and sex have been deeply intertwined throughout history, from an ancient Chinese aphrodisiac to the free lovin’ hippies, back to its historical roots as a medication. There is very little research on cannabis and sex, and the reports that exist are heavily biased and often conflicting. About one-third of U.S. women have used marijuana before sex, and those who do, report increased desire and better orgasms.

Does cannabis do more than make a good thing better?

Does Cannabis maintain healthy sexual relationships?

It is time to separate myth and conjecture from what we really do (and don’t) know about cannabis and sex.


April 19, 2020: Join me at the Love Thyself Conference, where I’ll be speaking about the intersection of cannabis, kink, masturbation and trauma healing.

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February 13, 2020: I’m speaking on a panel about sex, weed, and women in the wellness industry hosted by Mish Way featuring myself, Chelsea Leyland, Gabby Alexa, and Jenny Gorenstein.

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bust magazine sophie saint thomas

Photo by Chad Johnson

December 7, 2019: I’m back at Bust Magazine‘s Holiday Craftacular! This year I am teaching two classes, one on how to enhance your sex life with cannabis, and the other on sex magick.


we need a button

November 15, 2019: I’ll be at Babeland Toys with fellow bisexual icon and sex writer Zachary Zane. We’ll talk about the importance of #lgbtq friendly doctors and healthcare as part of the #weneedabutton campaign. We want doctor/patient matching sites to add a button indicating who understands the unique health needs of the queer community.


Finding Your Higher Self_Invite

December 10, 2019: I am officially a published author with the release of Finding Your Higher Self: Your Guide to Cannabis for Self-Care. Join me at my book launch for weed wedding cake and a discussion of cannabis and self-care in partnership with Miss Grass.


Sophie Saint Thomas ProSex

September 20, 2019: I am moderating a panel at the PRoSex Rally on how political and religious-fueled censorship is holding us back from living our best sex lives. Come one come all!It’s at the NSFW Soho Clubhouse, of course.


Sophie Saint Thomas house of yes

October 1, 2019: I am honored to be part of the panel for the Sex Magick edition of House of Yes‘s infamous Pass the Porn.



July 6, 2019: It’s my first international appearance! I am honored to speak at the Bradford Literature Festival on the panel “Becoming Dangerous,” named after the feminist witchcraft anthology I contributed to of the same name. We are discussing occult and literature. Should you find yourself in England, please attend. 



May 6, 2019: I am the featured guest on the cannabis edition of Tina Horn’s podcast Why Are People Into That? We are recording live at the Upper East Side Pleasure Chest at 1150 2nd Avenue on Monday, May 6, at 7PM. 

why are people into that


March 31, 2019: I am one of the panelists for the event “Becoming a Sexuality Professional” at the New Women’s Space in Brooklyn. The event runs from noon to 4 PM and you can purchase tickets here


March 23, 2019: I am speaking on a panel at an event called “Sex and Sativa” about shame and stigma as it pertains to these two subjects. 


March 8, 2019: I am speaking on a panel called “Censorship and Tech’s Prudish Stance on Our Sex Lives” as part of SXSW’s International Women’s Day programming. 



February 14, 2019:
At Talon Bar in Brooklyn I am producing and hosting a blood horror-themed ball called A Valentine’s Day Massacre. There is music, tarot, and sideshow and burlesque from Doktor Klaw, Leonna Beretta, and Genie Adagio. 


February 12, 2019: Like an Animal: A Valentine’s Day Party for Filthy Fucks is a party celebrating our animalistic nature held at Saint Vitus. There is music by Kat Imperial and Ashley Iles Sabol of The Angels and delightfully disgusting burlesque acts by Chartruice Morgan, Madame Rosebud, and Leona Beretta. The party is hosted and produced by me. 



January 13, 2019: I am speaking at The Museum of Modern Art to moderate a Q&A after a screening of the award-winning film on human sexuality Touch Me Not. 


January 16, 2019: Please join me at a party I am producing and hosting, David Bowie’s Goth Phase, at Saint Vitus Bar in Brooklyn. We are celebrating Capricorn season, which is marked by the Devil card in the tarot, and yes, Bowie was a Capricorn. Goth and glam join forces with a tarot reader, music, Bowie flash tattoos by Elly Cornwell of Armageddon Ink Gallery, and Bowie burlesque by Genie Adagio, Leona Beretta, and Madame Rosebud.





December 2: I am hosting GOTH KARAOKE NIGHT with my co-host of The Serpent Cast, VICE and Broadly Astrologer Annabel Gat. It is at Saint Vitus Bar in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, at 9 PM.


Illustration by Morgan Claire Sirène 

December 9: I am teaching a class on how to make sigils, or your own, unique, magical symbol, at Bust Magazine’s Holiday Craftacular. The class begins at 4:30 PM at the Brooklyn Expo Center.

Also that same day, at the Bust Magazine Holiday Craftacular, I am moderating a panel on How to Have Casual Sex. My panelists include Daniel Saynt, founder and Chief Conspiritor of NSFW, a cannabis and sex club, sex educator and writer Cameron Glover, and writer, speaker, and LBGTQ advocate Zachary Zane. The panel begins at 5:30 PM.

December 14: I’m hosting a Friday Black Mass at Saint Vitus bar in Brooklyn from 8 PM ’till 12 AM. Brooklyn Vegan says you should go. The holiday party features pro-dommes, a reading on cats and the devil by Kristen Korvette, a performance by Bubble Ghum and members of The Kominas, a Black Mass Ritual, a performance by metal band Godmaker, and a DJ set by Meredith Graves of Perfect Pussy.

Buy your tickets here for $10 and check out set times below:

8 PM Doors open and pro-dommes set up
8:30 PM I intro the event with a spell
8:45 PM Bubble Ghum and members of The Kominas plays select tracks from the new album Brown Morticia
9:15 PM Kristen Korvette reads from her forthcoming book about devilish cats
9:45 PM The Black Mass Ritual begins
10:15 PM Metal performance by Godmaker
11 PM Circus Strongman set by The Claw
11:15 PM DJ set by Meredith Graves

December 22: I’m hosting a Happy Hellidays party at Talon Bar in Brooklyn from 9 PM to 4 AM. The night features burlesque, a tattoo artist, tarot readings, pro-dommes, music, mayhem, a makeout booth, drink specials, and more. View photos from the night here.



November 9: I am speaking about the intersection of sex and cannabis at an event hosted by PAX vaporizers. The panel is titled “Cannabis and Your Everyday Life” and runs 3 to 6 PM at Burson Cohn & Wolfe in New York City.


Sophie Saint Thomas speaking at Cannabis and Your Everyday Life: Photo credit Cody Orrell 



October 25: I am speaking on a panel titled Astrology, Mysticism, and the Occult from 6:45 PM to 7:30 held by WITMA (Well-Being in the Modern Age). The entire event runs from 4:30 to 10 PM. Buy your tickets here.

October 25: Yes, I’m double-booked, baby. Later this evening I am hosting a mysterious (more info to come!) spooky, spiritual, and sexual workshop as part of NSFW’s, the New Society for Wellness, aka the members’ only sex and cannabis club you’ve heard about, Halloween event Coven: Creatures of the Night. Get your tickets here.

October 31: On the day of Halloween proper I am holding a sex magick workshop from 8 to 10 PM with the lovely sex educator Lola Jean. Get your tickets here.