7 Things You Should Know Before Trying Butt Plugs

I wrote a butt plug bible for Allure. Image courtesy of Allure.  

If you’re not familiar with the joys of butt plugs, allow me to introduce you to a versatile toy you can enjoy regardless of gender, orientation, or genitalia. If you have a prostate, butt plugs can stimulate it, and if you have a vagina, a butt plug can create incredibly pleasurable pressure on the back vaginal wall. That’s not to mention that the anus itself is also surrounded by nerve endings. Whatever the reason you’re keen to dive into the world of butt plug play, there are a few things you should know first for a comfortable, safe, and sexy experience.

That’s just the intro. Because this article comes with seven must-have butt plug recommendations and corresponding images, I’m going to make you head over to their website to read it….so, click here



My latest VICE column is up, an interview with musician Lenny Zenith. Read it in its entirety here.

When we think about the glory days of rock ’n’ roll, we think of a sexist boys club that only let in guys who abused groupies and hung out with dudes. Despite this, in the 1980s, female-to-male transgender musician Lenny Zenith and his punk-pop band RZA opened for U2, Iggy Pop, and other legends in New Orleans. Although Lenny is pretty sure Iggy knew he was trans and simply didn’t give a shit, Lenny kept his gender idenity a secret, because it was extremly dangerous to be openly trans. These days, Lenny lives in New York, where he works as an LGBT advocate and plays in a new band, the Tenterhooks, while writing his memoir, Before I Was Me. Recently, I caught up with Lenny at a dive bar to hear his tales about growing up trans with a missionary father and a Cuban mother in an era “before seven-year-olds were on Oprah saying they were transgendered.”

Celebrating Pride Week Across the Rainbow

I am late posting this because my life has been full of ch-ch-ch-changes but here is a newsletter I wrote for Vice Merchants (they make super kinky sheets) with some tips on celebrating Pride Week. Pride Week has come and gone, but live every week like it’s Pride Week! I think most girls should try kissing girls or at least squeezing a boob or two before they die, and men should be more free about homoerotic desires, and twinks should twinkle and polyamorous should poly party and everyone should just “DO YOU” whatever color of the rainbow and try lots of fun sexy shit so long as it is safe and consensual.

Good night, xo Sophie

Come to Dan Savage’s Holiday Party!

This Sunday, December 16, my hero Dan Savage and his husband Terry are throwing a holiday party at XL Nightclub in New York City. Sponsored by the It Gets Better Project, all proceeds go to the Ali Forney Center to help in their Hurricane Sandy relief efforts.

Please come if you can. It’s going to be super sexy and for an important cause. Tickets range from $20-$75. A cocktail reception begins at 7PM, followed by a concert at 8PM featuring Broadway and TV stars Andrew Keenan-Bolger, Santino Fontana, Ryann Redmond, Ariana DeBose, Gregory Haney, Monica Raymund, and Donna Vivino among many others.

Art from photographer Victor Haim will be be showcased and sold during the reception, with 50% of proceeds of sales also going to Hurricane Sandy relief.

You can purchase tickets here at I hope to see you there!