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  1. Hi Sophie – I represent Tinder and would love to connect! I l saw your recent story on Really good advice for guys on the shorter side. And I re-watched Y Tu Mama Tambien last weekend so was really digging the Gael Garcia Bernal reference. Anyways, we have data we could send you and are always happy to request custom data pulls for stories. My email address is if you want to shoot me a quick note so I have your contact info. Thanks!! Hope to talk soon.

  2. Hello, me name is julieta, you once wrote about an unhealthy obsession, limerence. I remember i had read your post from snapchat, i found my self really identify with the situation you described there. I would like to ask you if you could post it again, since i have been looking for more information but there is nothing like what you have written. Thank you!!!!

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