On Camera Work

I had the honor of sitting down with Dia Dynasty, alpha witch, pro-domme, and the visionary behind La Maison du Rouge to talk kink, witchcraft, and sex writing.

After returning home to New York City after a month of traveling, I had some words to share on “Sunday Worship with Sophie Saint Thomas” about the Brett Kavanaugh hearings and what straight men can do to support women and survivors.

In this episode of “Sunday Worship with Sophie Saint Thomas,” I use my shoe collection to explain various relationship formats such as monogamy, polyamory, solo poly, open relationships, relationship anarchy, and evil cheating!

Are you only interested in something casual at the moment? Watch this episode of “Sunday Worship with Sophie Saint Thomas” and follow these there steps to have casual sex without hurting feelings and acting like an asshole.

I created a YouTube show titled “Sunday Worship with Sophie Saint Thomas.” In the first episode, I discuss sex parties and the Dionysus, the god of wine and ritual madness.