The Intimacy Journal: A Sex & Cannabis Log Book

I created The Intimacy Journal: A Sex and Cannabis Log Book to help people have better stoned sex. Cannabis is couture, not off the rack, just like sex. Some people have small tolerances, and would do best staying with topicals to increase blood flow and decrease pain during intercourse. Others want to use THC to have a psychedelic experience that involves orgasms from nipple play. What we don’t want is people consuming too much cannabis only to have a negative experience during an intimate moment.

The Commercial Art Lab

The Intimacy Journal, which I designed and wrote in partner with Foria and Goldleaf is designed to help you jot down what works for you and what doesn’t in your enhanced erotic experiences. It’s a naughty log book of your cannabis conquests! Keep track of how different methods of intake and doses affected your sexual experiences, from lowering anxiety to heightening creativity. Buy one here! Use the code “sophie10” for ten percent off.